• can we get it less blue? Let’s get rid of the tarp, options
  • foil - does light go through? Experimentation required
  • kris geometry for the ideal shape of a foil wrap for Octo

Circus tent:

  • 95% sure it’s available, Kris to confirm
  • Shervin suggests Circus as kitchen/cuddle space, Octavius is bar/dance
  • Maybe an additional yurt if group funds and numbers are high
    • Lower priority than the wood furnace
  • Insulation walls may need repair

Pledenza for kitchen: will it fit?

  • we need another pledenza printed, does Chance still have files
  • Last year a door window was broken, we should be prepared to fix
    • Potential issue with a circus tent wall?


  • Kris stressed importance of having wood burning heat source, with side hot water tank!
  • Woody to email Jessie, CC Kris about the habitat for insanity furnace



  • encouraging group to bring more art, we can make a big difference to the event
  • potentially camp art grant for big projects?
  • art messaging early and often
  • art showcase?


  • Kris: reach out to mark + alexi, cool canadians who built the igloo last year who we would like to camp next to
  • Viva: contacting electric blanket group to see if they are coming / secret for running electric blankets off of batteries


  • Event starts on Wednesday for p5
  • Distribute sign up sheet soonish
  • Dress Rehearsal Load Out Party on Saturday, Jan 28
  • Calls every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 7pm means next call is Oct 25th

Participants: Viva, Kris, Shervin, Woody